Important to you and your Companion

This is greatly mis-understood and often ignored area of life between you and your companion. Everyday we have many thing that cause us stress. Regardless of what we do, are where we go things affect us. When we return home we can pass along this emotion(s) to our companions, not on purpose but unknowingly. Birds as all animals are sensitive to subtle energies that all living being radiate. This is often a misunderstood and misdiagnosed cause of death in our companions.
This is an everyday problem that must be acknowledged or you may create problems and not know the cause. Not every problem the companions have is a medical problem (like a broke wing or other such problems.
                Stress can be presented/transfered to them in several ways:
1)  is by the introduction of injuries, parasites, the need for food (malnutrition), by us through our tone and mannerisms,

2)   Behavior: isolation, interaction between other birds, by too many in a given area, upsetting the natural order (the rhythm of the biological clock),

3)   Psychology, these are the same thing that plague all life such as anxiety, being afraid, lack of control, and worry and all these plus other translate to stress,

4)   Environmental; sights, sounds, light, temperature, medication, odors just to name some.
Stress can be as simple as you entering the room they are located in, the bully of the group, changing cages, changing toys, just to name a few of the very simple often overlooked.

When the birds are in breeding season it can be the clothes you wear, or to allowing strangers into the room that set them off, and they break eggs or hurt the young because  of the uproar that has been started.
Things that change your companions environment can be extremely subtle are outright outlandish but change nevertheless is change and should be carefully considered when it come to the companions in our life. We can handle the most complex stress but our friends cannot for the most part.
Please always be aware of that which you do around them, anger, fear as well as all of our emotions are sensed by your companion and thus they react to that emotion that you emulate.

Another is to not to overreact to a given situation or to stop something that you have been doing with them without replacing that item/activity with another to keep stress level down.

Remember STRESS does not discriminate between living species (human or aminal/bird) and is an eXtremely  effective killer/crippler.

                      You and your companion

As a new companion that has entered your life and at the least I will be around for ten years or more/less depending on what family I am from.

Within the covers of this booklet you will find many areas of suggested guideline that will be of use to you as well as me, your new companion.

First off let us say that we are companions to the two legged flight less beings called Humans. You are not slaves and neither are we, as some in the world of Dual companions think. This term slave denotes ones superiority over another and this is simply not true.
Equality = trust=companionship=friend whereas the term slave=superiority=aragonance=distrust=inferiroity.
Each of us has different attributes and abilities and this is what makes the friendship/companionship special.

When you consider one self as an equal then a true relationship can be forged as an unbreakable bond between Humans and Animals of all kinds and not just us Birds.

The key word in any relationship is TRUST, for without that I will Bite(lol) to remind each other not to take anything for granted in any relationship, for it is equal sharing that makes this work for both of us.
                             Dedicated to
                             A true friend forever
                             Baby  the Redrump
                             1987 to 1998

this is an excerpt from a pamplet that I  give to everyone acquiring a new companion
copyright 1965, 1975,1985,1995,2003
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When working with birds, it is just like working with children, you must sometimes resort to reverse psychology to help/or fix what went wrong.
Provide your companion self stimulants (toys)
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