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This is a list dedicated to the Neophema and 
Psephotus Grass Parrots. People who breed, keep or if you are just interested in these birds- please join us. Questions about breeding, feeding, housing, pet quality and of special interest-questions   presented to the list regarding color mutations will be welcome. Neophema and Psephotus family include: Redrumps, Bourke's, Mulgas, Scarlet Chesteds, Elegants, Turquoisines, Ect. Subscribers may list Grass Parrots for sale/wanted/trade.
Please join this list if you are interested in fostering birds and help screening familes by homechecks and calling vet refences.If your interested in educating Pet Shop's, as this is something else that we are trying to do
A list for breeders and pet owners of Indian and African Ringnecks. Photo postings and birds available and wanted are most wellcome.
There are several conures discussion lists already on egroups, but none that are restricted to information about care and keeping.   Because of our perceived need for such a list, here we are! If you want to tell cutesie stories about your conures or have your conures write posts for you, this is not the list for that.   If you just want the information without the fluff, this is exactly the list for you!
Conures Info
This is a group to help with the transport of birds. To help them get from where ever to your home.
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Jealousy: be patience with your companion
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